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Volkswagen Amarok Manta Performance Exhaust System


The Volkswagen Amarok is a popular 4×4 powered by a 2.0L twin turbo diesel motor. The 3” “turbo back” Manta Performance Exhaust System complete with a high efficiency diesel-specific catalytic converter and straight-through muffler replaces the entire factory exhaust system.

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Product Description

The complete Manta “turbo back” exhaust system is available in 3” fully mandrel bent aluminised steel with a 2-year warranty or stainless steel with a 10-year warranty.

Combined with an engine control unit (ECU) tne up the power output of the Volkswagen Amorak can be improved from 20-40%. Plus, with the engine operating more efficiently, the extra power is achieved without a reduction in fuel economy.

Flashing the engine control unit (ECU) with a performance tune significantly improves the drivability of the vehicle, and increases the power and torque.