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Nissan Navara

The 3-Litre V6 turbo diesel on the D40 Nissan Navara produces class-leading torque of 550nm. Fitting the 3″ Manta exhaust can take your Navara to the next level. The exhaust replaces the entire factory exhaust system with mandrel 3″ pipework. The system incorporates a high-flow diesel catalytic converter, and a range of different muffler combinations to ensure you get the right noise level.

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Product Description

Replacing the standard Nissan Navara exhaust with the Manta 3” Performance Exhaust has a number of benefits:

  • Less turbo lag
  • Greater peak power
  • Greater responsiveness
  • Reduction in fuel consumption of 1–2L/100km for highway driving

Combined with a Sting ECU tune, the Manta exhaust is a great way to safely upgrade the performance of your D40 V6 Navara.

Choose from a range of muffler configurations – or no muffler – to achieve your sought after noise level.