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Mitsubishi Triton Manta Performance Exhaust System

Replacing the Mitsubishi Triton factory exhaust system with a 3” Manta exhaust system improves performance in three distinct areas. The system uses mandrel bends and a straight through muffler to derestrict the entire exhaust system and increase power and torque. Secondly, it frees up the turbo allowing it to spool a lot earlier so the engine comes on boost lower down in the rev range. Finally, it reduces the temperature of the exhaust gases, allowing the turbo and engine to operate at a cooler temperature.

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Product Description

The Manta exhaust offers the following benefits:

  • Keeps the overall noise levels close to factory levels with straight-through muffler
  • No unpleasant drone in the cabin
  • Fuel consumption is reduced as the engine is able to operate more efficiently

After the exhaust has been fitted, a Sting chip can be added to the vehicle, or the ECU can be remapped with a performance tune maximising and consolidating the power, torque and economy gains. Fit the Manta upgrade package today and give your Triton a pep-up.