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Manta Sting Chip

Manta Sting modules are designed for turbo diesel 4×4 vehicles as a way of improving the motor output without affecting reliability.



Product Description

Manta Sting remaps your vehicle’s own Engine Control Unit (ECU). The remap is based on your vehicle’s specifications, modifications (eg 3″ exhaust, larger tyres), and your requirements (eg fuel economy, all-out power, or a balance of both), so every tune is custom done – no two tunes are the same.

Manta Sting is available for a range of vehicles including the Toyota Landcruiser, Holden Rodeo and Nissan Navara. The Sting is completely plug-and-play and offers significant increases in power and torque by regulating various engine parameters.

The Sting module is also known as a “diesel chip” or “power chip” (referring to the microprocessor that is the ‘brain’ of the module), the Sting module can control a number of parameters, including fuel pressure, fuel injection, and boost pressure. Power gains are achieved by regulating the fuel and boost delivery.

For the best results, the Sting diesel chip is combined with an upgraded 3” Manta exhaust.