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Lightforce 170 Venom HID Light


The most popular size for Lightforce driving lights is 170mm. The 170mm Venom HID is a high performing light created specifically for small SUVs and 4WDs. The Venom has unique 25mm clearance combined with a four point mounts for a new level of installation compatibility within a compact mounting envelope. Small LED lights around the edge of the light provide added safety and a sleek edge.

Available in 50w and 35w HID from Advance Accessories.

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Product Description

Lightforce 170 Venom HID Light offers the following benefits:

  • A unique 25mm shallow format design suited to new generation SUVs
  • Hi-Tech LEDs surround the edge for improved pedestrian safety
  • Genuine IP65 rating, dust tight and water proof with Gore® Protective Vents to protect against moisture and contaminants
  • Corrosion resistant featuring a salt spray rating to ISO 2007
  • EMC approved with low radio interference, suitable for OEM installations
  • German-engineered Osram ballast and bulb for rapid start up and quick full brilliance
  • The Osram bulb delivers a full spectrum 4200k colour temperature with good contrast for long distance driving
  • 35W HID 960m @ 1 LUX | 50W HID VENOM 1360m @ 1LUX
  • Weighs 900g
  • Clear spot clip on filter supplied (combo and crystal blue spot filters available)
  • 50W available 12V and 24V