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Hi-Tec Hydraulic 68

Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils are blended from high quality mineral oils with a high viscosity index and low pour point. They are chemically stable under harsh operating conditions and promise long-lasting trouble free service.

Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils offer excellent protection against corrosion. The oils resist emulsification, plus they do not form unwanted stable foam.


Product Description

Hydraulic oils are hard working oils that are required to lubricate, seal and cool working components under increasing temperature, turbulence and pressure. Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils are formulated using paraffinic, high viscosity index mineral oil, augmented with performance additives including a zinc anti-wear treatment.

Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils offer the following benefits:

  • Superior hydrolytic stability
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
  • Good demulsibility and anti-foam properties
  • Excellent EP performance
  • Excellent rust protection
  • Lower tendency to block filters
  • Reduced pump wear