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Ford Territory Turbo Manta Performance Exhaust System


The potential of the Ford Territory Turbo can be quickly unleashed by fitting a Manta Performance Exhaust System. The full turbo back system replaces the entire standard system freeing up the turbo and reducing lag while improving top-end performance and reducing fuel consumption through more efficient operation of the engine.

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Product Description

The Manta Performance exhaust offers the following benefits:

  • Improved exhaust note allowing the whistle of the turbo to be heard
  • Two high-flow mufflers ensure minimal in-cab drone
  • Maximum flow and performance

A cat-back system is also available. The system bolts on behind the standard dump pipe and catalytic converter. The cat-back offers a moderate increase in performance while improving the sound of the vehicle – the 6-note exhaust note can really be heard.

Available in stainless steel with a 10-year warranty.