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Dobinsons Torsion Bars

Dobinsons™ 4WD torsion bars are manufactured from high quality micro alloy steel with a thicker bar diameter than the original vehicle torsion bars to improve performance when accessories are fitted.

Fitting vehicles with additional accessories like steel bullbars, winches, and dual battery kits, can dramatically increase the weight placed on the torsion bars. The original torsion bars may not withstand the additional weight and be prone to sagging leading to poor handling and performance. Dobinsons™ 4WD torsion bars feature an increased spring rate (thicker bar diameter) to better handle the additional weight to provide improved handling, ride height, and off-road performance.


Product Description

Dobinsons™ 4WD torsion bars feature:

  • Increased bar diameter, thicker than the original vehicle torsion bars
  • Increased spring rate for improved handling, reduced bottoming, and greater reliability and increased ride heights
  • Cold rolled splines for increased strength, reliability, and perfect fit
  • Durable powdercoat finish to protect against corrosion
  • Directionally preset and scragged to prevent sagging and breakage
  • Precision end fitment, and left and right hand side and front and rear marking to ensure simple correct fitment first time