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Dobinsons Shock Absorber Struts

Dobinsons™ 4×4 shock absorbers are designed, developed, and tested in Australia to perform in the harshest conditions, blistering heat, corrugations, and subzero temperatures.

Dobinsons™ Twin Tube Nitrogen Gas charged shock absorbers are made from the highest quality external and internal parts sourced worldwide. They provide significantly higher performance than standard shock absorbers.

Originally equipped shock absorbers are prone to “shock fade” when exposed to the heavy loading and harsh conditions that 4×4 owners love to put them through.


Product Description

Dobinsons™ twin tube nitrogen gas charged shock absorbers offer the following benefits:

  • Larger bodies, larger bores and increased valving performance for improved vehicle handling and control, and reduced “shock fade”
  • Nitrogen gas charged to pressurise the shock absorber oil to aid in reducing oil aeration, commonly known as “shock fade”
  • Greater external tube wall thickness on struts, up to 3mm, compared to other brands with tube walls as thin as 1.5mm
  • Designed for increased oil capacity for cooler operation than original vehicle shock absorbers
  • High quality internal and external parts including Japanese NOK multi-lip seals, German Fuchs shock absorber oil, natural rubber bushings for reduced noise vibration harshness, high quality Teflon piston rings, and double chrome hardened rods
  • Manufactured using the latest technology
  • Quality checked and valve force-velocity dyno tested in the factory with further in-depth quality testing in head office
  • In house durability testing to extreme conditions
  • Ride quality and vehicle performance testing to check ride comfort, handling, load handling ability, and performance