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Dobinsons Alignment and Extension Components

Fitting raised suspension to a vehicle can alter the vehicle’s suspension, brakes and steering geometry. In some cases, additional suspension components are needed to ensure vehicle handling and performance are not compromised.

Dobinsons™ has a range of alignment and suspension components to complement the company’s spring and suspension offerings.

Castor correction is required for lifts above 50mm, and recommended for lifts below 50mm.


Product Description

Dobinsons™ alignment components include:

Castor Bush Kits (Rubber & Poly)

When raised suspension is fitted to vehicles with solid axle-style front suspension, the castor angle can be altered creating a small wobble or shake through the steering. Dobinsons™ offer a range of fixed-angle polyurethane castor connection bushes and fixed-angle rubber castor correction bushes for improved ride and articulation.

Adjustable polyurethane cast correction bushes return the castor angle to the correct position.

Sway Bar Extensions

Raising vehicle suspension can mean some components such as sway bar links are too short and limit wheel travel, so Dobinsons™ have released heavy-duty sway bar link extensions to suit some 4WD vehicles.

Panhard Rods

Raising the suspension on vehicles with live axle suspension can alter the diff alignment so Dobinsons™ offer a range of heavy-duty adjustable panhard rods to correct the alignment. The panhard rods feature high quality rubber bushes for maximum articulation.

Castor Plate Kits

Dobinsons™ have 5-degree castor plate kits available for correcting the angle on select Nissan Patrol and LandCruiser models that have suspension lifts of between 4 and 5 inches.

Brake Proportioning Valve Extensions

Raising the suspension of a vehicle changes the braking bias front-to-rear which can affect the braking system, so we recommend fitting one of Dobinsons™ brake proportioning valve extensions.

Strut Caps

Dobinsons™ offers a range of coil strut caps suitable for most popular 4WD models. The strut caps can replace original worn strut top caps or can be fitted to coil struts with coil springs providing a simple to install complete strut assembly.

Driveline and Suspension Component Spacers

Dobinsons Spring and Suspension also have a range of other various driveline spacer items that are required when lifting vehicles.