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Discrete Concrete Remover

Discrete employs advanced chemistry to remove cement and grout residues from concrete mixing and transporting equipment, newly laid tiled flooring and a variety of surfaces affected by cement splash on the construction site.


Product Description

How does it work?
This proprietary formulation uses newly researched acid-replacement technology  where the organic salt, being low in pH, acts like an acid in the cleaning process but has none of the characteristics associated with acid cleaners.  This provides the user with all the cement residue removal power they need without the associated dangers of using an acid such as acid burns, fuming and dangerous  goods transportation and storage.

Discrete displays a dramatically improved corrosive profile to traditional acid cleaners in respect of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. When used as directed negligible corrosion occurs and even when used undiluted the level of corrosion to ferrous metals is almost undetectable. However, it should be  remembered that Discrete has a low pH and corrosion will occur on metals submerged in Discrete for extended periods.

How to Use
Dilute 1 part Discrete with 4 parts water and spray or brush apply to the surface being cleaned. Allow approximately 10 minutes dwell time and rinse well with a high pressure washer or hose.