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Aluminium Deoxidizer

Aluminium Deoxidizer from California Custom is a special acid-based chemical that strictly eats oxidation. It does not remove metal. It is so mild, that when applied there is no need to wipe or wash it off. It will never burn or etch the metal.

Aluminum Deoxidizer must be used with our Purple Metal Polish or another similar metal polish to be effective.


Product Description

Aluminium Deoxidizer is a hi-tech chemical designed to clean and deoxidize all metal surfaces without streaking, hazing, burning or damaging the surfaces. It removes scale, road film, most acid stains and even rust on chrome. It is the easiest and safest way to prep metal before polishing. It can be used with most cream type polishes.

Saturate a palm size terry cloth towel with Aluminum Deoxidizer and simply wipe on surface. Then apply Purple Metal Polish (or similar) over the entire treated area and buff off to an incredible shine.

Cuts polishing time in half.