Hi Tec Unitrans 10W/30
Hi Tec Universal Trans 10W/30
Hi Tec Universal Trans 10W/30 is a new generation Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) designed for a range of power driven agricultural equipment. Hi Tec Universal Trans can replace three or more of your farm lubricants. Hi Tec Universal Trans is formulated with Lubrizol LZ 9990A that provides excellent extreme pressure protection for maximum gear life and capacity for wet brakes and power-take-off clutches. Lubrizol 9990A offers these benefits while meeting requirements for corrosion and rust inhibition, water tolerance and temperature operating range.
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hi-tec diesel oil 15W/40
Hi-Tec Diesel Oil 15W/40
Hi-Tec Fleetmaster 15W/40 is a diesel engine oil which meets international specifications for top performance and long service life in four-stroke turbo-charged and normally aspirated diesel engines. The oil is uniquely formulated to promote the highest standard of engine cleanliness in modern highly stressed turbocharged engines. It effectively controls and inhibits bore polishing tendencies, high oil consumption rates and premature wear and tear.  
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hi-tec hydraulic 68
Hi-Tec Hydraulic 68
Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils are blended from high quality mineral oils with a high viscosity index and low pour point. They are chemically stable under harsh operating conditions and promise long-lasting trouble free service. Hi-Tec Hydraulic Oils offer excellent protection against corrosion. The oils resist emulsification, plus they do not form unwanted stable foam.
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